Muriel George - 29 August 1883 - 22 October 1965

This website is the Web home of my grandmother's memoirs.

Muriel George was a well-known, perhaps famous, popular singer of the Edwardian era and beyond, and later starred in many British films.

Quoting from the BBC's Scrapbook for 1912 ...'The year was famous for King Edward's death, the arrest of Crippen and Muriel George singing "My Moon".'

Her last appearance was in the late 50's, playing a cameo role as the Queen Mother in a BBC TV adaptation of the "Rose and the Ring".

She wrote a short autobiography over the years between 1941 and 1957. This presupposes that the reader knew about all the dramatis personae in the narrative and is hence unpublishable in its present form. However, it may be of general interest because it hasn't been edited; it is the untouched memoir of an Edwardian artiste.

Her grandchildren Natalie, Clare, Hugo (that's me), Roger and Helen have decided to make the memoirs publicly available for personal and academic purposes. People interested in commercial purposes should contact Hugo Davenport in the first instance.

Over the next few months (or years, more like) we will be extending the Muriel George pages to include a short bio, film list and some notes.